quinta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2014

Real love doesn't go away

Everybody talks about how you will get over someone after a breakup and how you will forget and find someone better or even the right one. But what if it doesn't get away? What if you don't forget? Why doesn't someone speak about what happens when you find the right one but lose them? Sometimes it isn't that simple and you can't just move on no matter how hard you try. People can't keep saying that you will find someone better everytime you lose someonebecause at a point you lost the best and then it won't get better. And it's not alright to think that  because a person lost the right one that this person will be sad all the time. They won't!  You will continue you live, have fun, meet new people, smile and maybe love but something inside you heart will stay broken and you will never be able to love the way you loved that particular person. People have to learn that not everything heals and that there are things that you don't get over. Never. You might 'love' someone and give them a chance to love you but it won't be that love that takes your breath away. You know exactly that it is not real. It is not the real endless love you once felt. That's what some of you should remember before they say to someone that they have to move on and that it will go away. Some of us lose the right one but they don't stop living. You love that person everyday but you don't give up living your own life. Things are not like everybody wants them to be. Only a few people really know what love feels like and that's the most precisous gift in the world. Accept that some of us find their soul mate but something tears them apart. 
Real love still existes in a few hears. 


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