domingo, 14 de dezembro de 2014

Will this love ever end?

Here I am one more time, writing about you. Here I am thinking about you. Thinking about how good it felt to be kissed and hold in your arms. I still rememeber every damn second I spent with you as if it was yesterday. The more I try to forget about you and about us, the more I capture myself falling for you over and over again. Tell me what it is about you that holds me back. What is it? What is so special about you ? You lied to me and fooled me. I am sure that you still lie to me. But what if I am wrong? What if you tell me the whole truth those last past days? What if you really care about? Yeah.. but what if not?! I don't want you to hurt me like you did but I have to admit that it kills me to be without you. You are not perfect, neither am I. Today I am missing you like crazy and this love is burning me down. Save me.

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